The Year’s Finest

This month completes the first whole year of DC’s radical experiment, the New 52. To commemorate the occasion Breakfast With Spock will be highlighting the best and the worst of the last year of DC’s comics, celebrating great characters, better arcs, surprising success stories and much more. If you’ve got an idea for a category to be analyzed, a series or single issue that you’re passionate about or are just looking for a place to sound off about a comics event, consider this a great place to chat with other fans. We’ll be starting the festivities up this Wednesday as I examine Tony Daniels’ last sequential issue of Detective Comics.



3 thoughts on “The Year’s Finest

  1. I remember a blogger made the same thing in a memorable way ( I have been mostly satisfied with the New 52. Series like Animal Man, Aquaman and Swamp Thing are having an enormous success; other ones, like I, Vampire and Suicide Squad, are doing far better than a C-list DC comic is supposed to do.
    I tried only 2 of the 5 series I mentioned: I bought the 6th issue of Suicide Squad (and I found it was a nice read) and the TP of Animal Man. I agree that Lemire series definitely is one of the best New 52 series. The detail I enjoyed more was the homelike atmosphere: I can’t tell you why, but it reminded me of Daria, an MTV cartoon I was deeply in love with when I was younger. And the decision of setting this series in a small town, instead of choosing a metropolis, is another detail that pushes Animal Man near to Daria (and to indie comics as well, since this is their typical setting – I bet this is not a coincidence). I’m not going to buy Animal Man regularly (I’m already doing this with Grifter and Nightwing, and I can’t afford to do it with a third series), but I will definitely buy the second TP when it comes out.
    As you can guess, Grifter and Nightwing are the New 52 series I am enjoying more. Nightwing was no surprise: the character is so interesting that it’s almost impossible not to do something good with him. I didn’t know Grifter before the New 52 had started, but I loved it from the very first issue. Do you remember the action movies in the 90s? There was a Rambo – like leading character (usually played by Stallone himself, or by Schwarzenegger) forced to fight against innumerous enemies: any other man would have been doomed, but our hero, with his guns, muscles, fight techniques and (last but not least) brain, was always able to find a way out. Grifter has the same storyboard, it is the exact translation of those movies in the comic book language: no matter how many enemies he has to face and how complicated their plans are, you can be sure Grifter will find a solution to all his problems. The stories are easy but well written, and the art is simply explosive. Edmonson’s run was amazing, especially from the 4th issue on, and Liefeld’s one got off on the right foot, so I’m very satisfied with this series so far. It is definitely one of the best DC comics right now, so I can’t understand why it doesn’t sell: it should be at the top of the list of every comic book lover.

  2. I have 22 DC books on my pull list every month so there’s plenty of the New 52 I haven’t read either. I picked up every first issue and have read issues here and there sense but I’m curious to see what other people loved as well. Like you, I adored Edmondson’s first 6 issues of Grifter for the electric action as well as the visceral, “Bourne Identity” style action. I haven’t quite loved Nightwing as much as you but I’ll be writing about that as the month goes by.

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