Casting the Not-Doing-Them-Justice League

I’m really glad that people have really rallied behind “The Avengers.” Seeing it for the third time earlier this week, people were still laughing, marveling and having a good time with what was intrinsically a really nerdy, very faithful to the spirit of the comics really fun adaptation.

Naturally, DC is hoping to pull off the same feat that Marvel was able to pull off with its movie and so talk has started back up on the casting of a Justice League film. Its a movie that has been talked about for years and DC’s attention to the project has caused all sort of wild, totally incoherent speculation.

The worst of all of this has been on Flavorwire, the blogging partner of Flavorpill. Generally, the site offers a variety of topical lists and think pieces on television and writing and its all pretty inconsequential stuff. I’ve commented there several times and visit the site regularly, although I think the site has one massive problem.

Flavorwire will leap on any trend and mercilessly beat it into the ground. Now, I have no problem with a website covering what the readership wants to hear, I just think that a lot of the time, they’re not quite able to cover the subject with any manner of responsibility or respect. Just because a subject is popular, doesn’t mean that it needs to be immediately covered by whoever kind-of-sort-of knows something/anything about the subject.

That’s how we get monstrosities like this.

Seriously, go ahead. Read that little thing.

Now, I don’t want to unnecessarily berate author Jason Bailey. He’s an extremely well informed film writer, with an eye for films new, old, obscure and well known. He’s rarely written about comics, even comic book movies and by no means do I intrinsically trust him on the subject. I don’t know that there was anyone on the staff of Flavorwire that was informed enough to know their way around this sort of article but hey, lets look at what he said. We’ll critique his choices and try to offer some alternatives.


Bailey went with Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent for 10 years in “Smallville.” That’s a safe choice. I don’t know that I could agree with his assumption that Welling “did it well,” but I guess I’ll let it slide. As I’ve said before, if you’re going to do a Superman movie, make Kal-El old and get Jon Hamm to play him.


Yep, Bailey cast Daniel Radcliffe as Batman. His reasoning? Bailey’s ironclad reasoning for putting the Harry Potter star as the Dark Knight was the ironclad statement of “the later Harry Potter movies were, for lack of a better description, action films.” Sure, they were dark movies that had lots of explosions and stuff but more than anything, those movies were about a nerdy guy and his socially rejected friends running around and shouting at things. Bailey says that Radcliffe is a fine actor and I definitely agree but Batman is grizzled. He’s a man that’s seen the worst of the world and doesn’t blink. Radcliffe isn’t grizzled. He’s a friendly, welcoming and hopeful actor who works best when in over his head. He can’t handle the reigns of Batman. Personally, I would like a little unconventional of an actor, namely Karl Urban who has proven himself as someone who could handle the pessimism and world weariness that Batman deserves.

Wonder Woman

Seriously, Jason Bailey wanted Mila Kunis to play princess of the Amazonians, one of the most powerful and influential characters in comics. Yep. He even brought up that Nicholas Refn wanted Christina Hendricks to play Diana in the same paragraph. Hendricks would be perfect for the role, despite the hair color but his casting of Kunis is just a symbol of a writer more interested in page views and contemporary references than creative exercises.

Green Lantern

That’d be pretty cool, actually. I think he might be a little young to play John Stewart but I’d love to see how they’d handle it.


So perfect that I can’t believe I had never heard anyone come up with this before.


In all honesty, regardless of what version of the Justice League that DC decided to go with, there is no chance Cyborg would be included. He’s too obscure, not defined well enough and virtually unknown to people who haven’t read the comics or fondly remember the “Teen Titans” animated series. Regardless, Bailey went with Michael B. Jordan of “Chronicle” and “Friday Night Lights” and yeah, sure that works, I guess.


I’ve long said that the best way to figure out if someone is an  actual comic book fan or not is to see what they think of Aquaman. If they unleash a typical tirade about how pointless and unimportant he is, you’re talking to a pretender. Jason Bailey is a pretender. Also, I desperately want Daniel Craig as the true king of Atlantis.


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